No.7/95A, Keelaurappanur,
Solavandan Main Rd, Thirumangalam

Electric Steam Boiler

Best Alternate Solutions for LPG & Firewoods

Electric Steam Boiler

  • Best Alternate Solutions for LPG & Firewoods
  • Much Future Oriented Product / Plan
  • Will Costcut 85% from LPG & 50% from Firewoods
  • Very Comfort & Portable
  • Consumes only 25 units of Electricity per hour
  • No any types of Maintenance
  • No Salt Deposit
  • Full of digital Auto cut meter for water Level
  • No Smoke outlet, No Heat Radiations
  • Very Hygienic working Condions in kitchen for 5S Systems
  • Highest Warranty Period of 5 Years

Hot Equipment's

Single Burner

Double Burner

Three Burner

Four Burner

Romali Roti Dome

Dosa / Puffer Plate

Chinese Double Burner

Idly Steamer Box

Tandoori Square

Tandoori Round

Rice steamer Vessel

Gas Bulk Cooker

Bulk Cooker (Gear Type)

Milk Cooker

Tilting Brat Pan

Deep Fat Fryer (Free Standing)

Steam Boiler Setup

Shawarma Griller

Chicken Griller

Barbeque Griller

Shallow Fryer Gas

Pasta Noodles Cooker

Plate Warmer

Pantry & Fast Food

Deep Fat Fryer

Pizza Oven

Double Check Oven

Hot Display case

Infrared Snacks Warmer


Milk Boiler

Water Boiler

Sandwich Griller

Electric Food Warmer

Tea Coffee Dispenser

Spoon Sterilizer

Bain Marie

Table Top Bain Marie

Popcorn Machine

Candy Flass Machine

Waffle Machine

Sugarcane Juicer

Conveyor Toaster

Heavy Duty Hot case


Masala Trolley

Platform Trolley

Rumali Roti Trolley

Luggage Trolley

Tea Snacks Service Trolley

Waste Collection Trolley

Hot Food Service Trolley

House Keeping Trolley

Preparation Equipment's

Chopping Block

Work Table Counter With Door

Preparation Table

Preparation Table With Sink

Wall Mounting Shelves

Onion / Potato Bin

Vegetable Rack With Trolley

Meat Marinator

Conventional Wet Grinder

Tilting Wet Grinder

potato Peeler

Dough Kneader

Vegetable Cutting Machine

Tilting Wet Grinder

Instant Dry Masala Pulvirizer

Meat Mincer

Meat Slicer

Bone Saw Machine

Coconut Scrapper

Chicken Feather Removal Machine

Washing Equipment's

Single Sink Unit

3 Sink Unit

Hand Wash Sink

Dish Landing Table

Clean Plate Stocking Rack

Clean Dish Rack

SS Tray Rack

Pot Rack

Vegetable Washer

Rice Washer

Under Counter Dish Washer

Hood Type Dish Washer Machine

Cold Equipment's

Two Door Vertical Chiller / Freezer

Four Door Vertical Chiller / Freezer

Under Counter Chiller / Freezer

Water Cooler

Pantry Fridge

Glass Door Wisi Cooler

Icecream Storage Cabinet

Ice Cube Maker

Cold Room

Ice Pan Machine

Cold Bain Marie Salad Counter

Refrigerated Showcase

Display Cabinets / SS Counters

Curved Class Display Counter

straight Class Display Counter

SS Chat Counter

pav Bhaji Counter

SS Parcel Counter

Sweet Corn Momo Counter

Sandwich Counter

Tea / Coffee Counter

Kitchen Machines

Table Top Chappathi Pressing Machine

Chappathi Ball Cutting Machine

Semi Baked Chappathi Machine

semi Automatic Chappathi Machine

Rotary Cooking Machine

Fully Automatic Chappathi Machine

Idiyappam Making Machine

Dosa Making Machine

Special Electrical Products

Electrical Dosa Tawa

Electrical Idly Box

Electrical Bulk Cooker

Electrical Kadai

Bakery Equipment's

Planetary Mixer

Spiral Mixer

Dough Sheeter

Bread Slicer

Dough Divider

Infrared Baking Oven

Rotary Rack Oven

Bakery Proofer

Imported Kitchen Equipment's

Bar Blenders

Coffee Grinders

Coffee Making Machine

Gas Rangers

Combi Steamers

Gas Cooking Mixers

Food Warmers

Food Preparation Equipments

kitchen Exhaust Systems

Baffle Type Filters

Cyclone Type Filters

Axial Flow Fan

Centrifugal Blower

Standard Kitchen Hoods

High Efficiency Exhaust Hoods

Fresh Air System

Fire Suppression

Our Products

Fire Wood Tea Boiler

Fruit Rack with Wheel

Grill Chicken

Grill Chicken Range

Hand Wash

Hand Wash Sink

Hot Case Round Vessel

Hot Case with GN Pan

Hot Case with Service Counter

Idly Box

kitchen One Sink

Milk Cooker

Onion Bin

Parcel Counter

Parotta Work Table

Pickup Trolley

Plate Rack

Pot Rack

Rice Cooker

Single Deep Fryer

Stainless Steel

Sweet Corn


Tandoor Model

Tea Stall

Three Sink Dish Unit

Tumbler Trey

Two Sink Dish Washing Unite

Two Sink Dish Washing Unit

Vegetable Rack

Vegetables Trey

Work Table

Baking & Convection

Baking & Convection Oven

Baking Woven

Baking Woven (1-tray)



Biryani Hot Case

Cashew Shell

Collection Trolley

Deep Fryer

Deep Fryer

Drinking Water Tank


Fire Wood Range

Fire Wood Range

Three Burner Indian Range

Exhaust Hood & Duct

Soup Counter

Soup Counter (30 L)

Food Trolley

Fast Food Counter

Juice Counter

One Burner South Indian Range

Two Burner South Indian Range

Two Burner Chinese Range

Three Burner Chinese Range

M.S. Badam Milk Range

Dosa Range Fire Wood

Standing Table Round

Rice Serving Trolley

Serving Vessels

Sambar Rasam Serving Trolley

Marriage Hall Table

Table & Bench

Bakery Counter

Bakery Counter

Dinning Table Model SS-3

Dinning Table Model MS-1

Dinning Table Model SS-7

Standing Table

Dinning Table

M.S. Round Dosa Range

Dinning Table Model SS-4

Bakery Display Counter

Bakery Display Counter

Bakery Display Counter

Potato Peeler 10kg

Coconut Scrapper

Wet Grinder

Commercial Mixer

Tilting Grinder 3ltr

Tilting Grinder 10ltr

Butter Milk Blender

Dough Kneading Machine 10ltr

Dough Kneading Machine 15ltr

Dough Kneading Machine 25ltr