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Welcome to Energy Solution

We are the manufacturer of products for costcutting 85% of fuels used in our hostel mess without smoke outlet by hygienic working conditions

Our Products are specialized for cost cutting bulk cooking in Textile Mills, Dyeing units, Garments without any serious issues

We have successfully made our projects for more than 150 Textiles Mills (TASMA, SIMA), Dyeing Association, Exporters (TEA) and Garments

We never claim any payment for service issues. By our project, we are offering both cost cutting and hygienic working condition as per the norms

Our Products

Fully Automatic Electric Steam Boiler Project

  • Best Alternate Solutions for LPG & Firewoods.
  • Much Future Oriented Product / Plan.
  • Will Costcut 60% from fuels.
  • Very Comfort & Portable, No Salt Deposit.
  • Highly efficient and lower emission.
  • Flexible installation.
  • No risk of carbonmonoxide leak.
  • Easy to maintain by your own electric engineer.
  • Solar compatible and more efficient than LPG, Diesel, Oil.
  • Low carbon foot print.
  • Life time of Electric boiler is more than firewood steam boiler.
  • Inbuilt LPG Connection was given for emergency purpose.
  • Temperature and Pressure control limit is given.
  • Automatic shut off the boiler was given at low water level reading.
  • No Smoke outlet, No Heat Radiations.
  • Very Hygienic working Conditions in kitchen for 5S Systems.
  • Highest Warranty Period of 5 Years.

Automatic Electric Dosa Stove Project

  • Cost Cut 85% of LPG with Quick Return on Investment.
  • No Smoke outlet, Very comfort for cooking labours.
  • Power 15kw at 220V.
  • Maximum Warranty Period of 5 Years
  • Other suppliers give hotel base working
  • Autocut temperature metre for Dosa and Chappathi.
  • Consumes only 8 Unit (Rs.50) of Electricity per hour but we Spend Rs.300 for LPG per hour. Hence, we can costcut 85% of LPG.

Special Steam Vessel For Variety Rice & Thum Ricet

  • Specialized for Cooking Briyani, Thum Rice, Variety Rice and Mixed Rice, Sambar, Rasam.
  • Can be connected with existing steam lines.
  • No need of external fuels.
  • Cost Cut 85% From LPG.
  • Very Comfort for Cooking Labours.
  • Quick Return on Investment.

Electric Cooking Stove

  • For all types of Cooking.
  • Cost cut 60% from LPG.
  • Power-6kw, voltage-220v.
  • No EMF (Electro Motive Force) is produced.
  • Auto temperature cutoff provided.
  • Very comfort for cooking labours.
  • Quick return on investment.

Electric Oil Fry Stove

  • Cooking all types of Oil Fry items.
  • Power-9kw.
  • Auto temperature cutoff provided.
  • Cost Cut 60% From LPG.
  • No wastage of Oil.
  • Oil can be reused for other purpose of cooking.
  • Very Comfort for Cooking Labours.
  • Quick Return on Investment.

Smokeless Firewood Project

  • No Smoke Outlet, No Heat Radiations near the Stoves.
  • Very Comfort for working/Cooking Labours.
  • No Need of Maintenance and No Service Issues.
  • Quick Return on Investment.
  • Cost Cut 85% of Fuels.

On Spot Service

  • We always do on spot services for all our products.
  • We are manufacturing all our products without any service issues.
  • because Steam Boiler is daily used product in kitchen.
  • Our products are all very easy serviceable by your own Electricians.
  • We never claim any payment for labour services.
  • We give 5 years of warranty.

Quote of Cost Cutting

  • 01Every little bit counts makes looking for one big way to save a ton of money.
  • 02Save in small ways, set yourself for success.
  • 03Energy cost (LPG) are getting higher and the cheapest energy (Electric) is the energy you don't use.
  • 04Steam Boiler and Electric Dosa Stove efficiency not only saves money in business, it also reduces pollution
  • 05Nobody is trying to save energy in kitchen for bulk cooking .
  • 06If correct choice of energy (Electric) is selected, we can achieve endless amounts of savings.
  • 07In today's competitive market, you need a partner for cost cutting we help you to stay ahead of your competition.

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