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Stream Boiler Project

Electric Dosa Stove Project

Firewood Project

Electric Steam Boiler

Welcome to Energy Solution

We are the manufacturer of products for costcutting 85% of fuels used in our hostel mess without smoke outlet by hygienic working conditions

Our Products are specialized for cost cutting bulk cooking in Textile Mills, Dyeing units, Garments without any serious issues

We have successfully made our projects for more than 150 Textiles Mills (TASMA, SIMA), Dyeing Association, Exporters (TEA) and Garments

We never claim any payment for service issues. By our project, we are offering both cost cutting and hygienic working condition as per the norms

Our Projects

Firewood Project

  • No Smoke Outlet, No Heat Radiations Near The Stoves.
  • Very Comfort For Working / Cooking Labours.
  • No Need Of Maintenance And No Service Issues.
  • Quick Return On Investment
  • Cost Cut 85 % Of Fuels

Stream Boiler Project

  • Specialized for bulk cooking by 5 years of warranty without any service issues.
  • Costcut 50% of fuels with Quick Return on Investment
  • We never claim any payment for service issues.
  • We are the only company give 5 years of warranty without any service issues
  • Other suppliers give hotel base working steam boiler just for 1 year warranty Which cannot be used for bulk cooking in Textile Mills, Dyeing units, Garments.

Electric Dosa Stove Project

  • Cost Cut 85% Of LPG With Quick Return On Investment
  • No smoke outlet, very comfort for cooking labours.
  • No need of maintenance and No service issues
  • Maximum warranty period of 5 years
  • Autocut temperature metre for Dosa and Chappathi.
  • Consumes only 8 units (Rs.50) of Electricity per hour but we spend Rs.300 for LPG per hour. Hence, we can costcut 85% of LPG.

Electric Steam Boiler

  • Best Alternate Solutions for LPG & Firewoods
  • Much Future Oriented Product / Plan
  • Will Costcut 85% from LPG & 50% from Firewoods
  • Very Comfort & Portable
  • Consumes only 25 units of Electricity per hour
  • No any types of Maintenance
  • No Salt Deposit
  • Full of digital Auto cut meter for water Level
  • No Smoke outlet, No Heat Radiations
  • Very Hygienic working Condions in kitchen for 5S Systems
  • Highest Warranty Period of 5 Years

Our Products

Multipurpose Stream Boiler

One Sink Unit With Work Table

Platform Trolley

Dough Kneading Machine (25 Ltr)

One Burner Funel Type

Elecrict Dosa Range (6kv)

Dosa Ranger One Burner

Dosa Range Plat Two Burner

Our Benefits

  • 01Hostel Mess In Textile Mills, Dyeing Units, Garments, Colleges, Schools is an Unknown Department Where We Spend / Waste lot Of Money for Fuels. Our Project Costcut 85% Of Fuels / Money
  • 02We are Specialised in Manufacturing Steam Boiler and Electric Dosa Stove without any Service issues by Giving highest Warranty Period of 5 Years. We Never Claim any Payment for any Service issues.
  • 03By Our Project Both costcutting and Hygineic working Conditions will be done Successfully as per the Norms of 5S Systemes.
  • 04Just use our Project as Trail base and also we Promise that we will get back our Products if your not Satisfied. Our Project Costcut 85% of Fuels | Give us Chance to Save your Money

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Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information and quick response any time support for customer satisfaction.